Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Veg spring roll

Vegetable spring roll is a snack item.This tastes delicious with tomato-chilli sauce.


1.Maida flour - 1 cup

2.Rice flour - 2 spoons

3.salt to taste

4.Chopped carrot,cabbage,baked potato,onion,boiled green peas,& beans(chop the vegetables lengthwise like 2 inch in length) - 3 cup chilli powder - 1 tea spoon

6.Finely chopped green chillies - 2 spoons

7.Sunflower oil to fry.


1.Make dough with maida flour & rice flour(like we do for chapatis/rotis).

2.Now place a kadai on stove,add 3 spoons of oil.once it is heated,fry onion till transparent,add little salt to avoid browning.

3.Then add cabbage,carrot,green peas,green chillies,beans and baked potato fry nicely till it is half cooked,sprinkle little water to avoid blackening.At last add mashed potatoes.

4.Now add needed salt & chilli powder.

5.Switch off the flame.Now the stuffing is ready.

6.Place another kadai on flame.Heat the oil for deep frying.

7.Take a small lemon sized dough,knead this to a fine,thin roti(more the thinner,gives u more crispeness).Now grease the roti with little drops of oil.

8.Place a spoon full of stuffng in the center of the dough.

9.Roll it gently without tearing the roti.

10.To avoid the stuffing from coming out,grease roti's end with water lightly,so that they stick together.

11.Now fry these stuffed rolls in hot oil,till it turns golden yellow.

12.Place the fried rolls on tissue,to suck out the extra oil.

13.Serve hot with TOMATO-CHILLI SAUCE,use grated carrot,cabbage and cilantro to garnish.

14.This will be a perfect snack,goes best with hot tea especially during winter evenings.

15.Mmm..... Yummy!! isn't it?! Try this out.

16.Hav a pleasant evening.Thanx.

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