Friday, June 29, 2012

Rasam Powder

Rasam always has a special place in south indian meal.The measurement of spices is so important that even a slight variation may change the whole taste.My grandma always say "if u make 'the right-tasty' rasam,then u r a good cook",people in our place judge ones cooking by their rasam only :)!!Because it is tough to bring out the same right taste each time.This wonderful mix of spices is given by my grandmother,who is an expert in doing this.And here it comes...


1.Coriander seeds.......1 cup(heap)

2.Dry red chillies.........26 to 30(according to the spice level)

3.Black pepper.......1/4 cup

4.Cumin seeds.......1/4 cup

5.Thoor dhal.......1/4 cup

6.Mustard seeds..........2 tbsps


There are 2 ways of doing this.

First Method:

Simply dry all the ingredients together under the sun for 3 to 5 hours.Grind it well to a powder.

The other method:

During winter u wont get good sun light,or if u don have access to terrace,First method is not possible.The other method will help here.

Heat a Thick bottomed kadai on flame,First fry red chillies with few drops of oil.Switch off the flame.Put rest of the ingredients into the kadai and saute it for few times and let it cool down.Grind it to a semi-fine powder.

My grandma always says that rasam powder should not be a fine powder(her mother's tip)!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rava Kesari

Me and my mother-in-law made this sweet together for our guest,few weeks back.There was no tension about the measure or the consistency as she was beside me LOL :)!!It was great cooking with her...then here comes the recipe :)


1.Upma Rava............1 cup

2.Water..............2 cups

3.Sugar..............1 3/4 cup

4.Elachi powder...........1 tsp

5.Cashew nuts and dried grapes.........few

6.Ghee....................1 cup

7.Food color(orange/red/sunset yellow)......a pinch,dissolved in water.


1.Place a kadai on flame,roast cashews and dried grapes with a tsp of ghee and keep it aside.

2.In the same kadai, roast rava dryly until the raw smell leaves also wait for slight color change.Then transfer the rava to a plate and let it cool down.

3.Now place the same kadai on flame,add 2 cups of water and let it boil,then add the roasted rava slowly.Keep it stirring to avoid lumps.

4.Once the rava is cooked,add sugar and stir well.Add food color and then a 1/4 cup of ghee when all the sugar is dissolved.

5.Keep stirring to avoid burning,add the remaining ghee in another 5 minutes.Add the roasted cashews and grapes and atlast the elachi powder.Mix well so that the ingredients mix well together.

6.When the rava mixture becomes non-sticky(Note:Take a spoon full of kesari and roll between ur fingers,if u get a  non-sticky ball,then its ready),the kesari is ready.

7.Serve hot with any savory.Njoyy ur day :)

6.Stir well so that 

Carrot Juice

Another summer special here for u all.


1.Carrot(grated)...........1 1/2 cup

2.Chilled Milk........1/2 cup

3.Condensed milk.........2 tbsps(optional)

4.Sugar to taste

5.Water........1 cup


1.Grind well the grated carrots,squeeze out the thick juice.Again grind the pulp with 1/2 cup of water,drain out the juice again,repeat this method for one more time to extract all the juice out of it.Mix all the extracts(the juices) to one and keep it aside.

2.Take a glass pour in the carrot juice,chilled milk,condensed milk and sugar.Stir well and serve.
Note:I used condensed milk to enhance the taste,but it is totally optional.

3.U can refrigerate again before u serve or serve as it is.. 

Water melon Juice

Ok here comes one of my summer special post,the water melon juice with ginger touch :)


1.Water melon(de seeded).....2 cups(roughly chopped)

2.Ginger.....1/2 inch(1 piece)

3.Lemon juice........1 tbsp

4.Honey or sugar to taste


1.Bring in the water melon and ginger to a blender and grind well.

2.Drain out the juice,add required sugar / honey to taste and the lime juice.

Note:Draining is totally an option,i recommend to have it with the pulp,as it is highly nutritious.

3.Refrigerate and serve.