Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thai Spring Roll(Veg)

Thai Spring roll


1.Finely chopped cabbage,carrot,beans-2 cups(cut length wise)

2.Green chillies-3

3.Noodles-1/4 cup

4.Soya sauce-2 1/2 spoons

5.Tomato sauce-2 spoons

6.Chilli sauce-1 spoon

7.Finely chopped spring onions-3 spoons

8.Cilantro chopped-2 spoons

9.Oil for deep frying

10.Salt to taste

11.All purpose flour/maida flour-1 cup


1. With 3 spoons of oil fry all the vegetables,green chillies till it is half cooked.

2.Add boiled noodles,soya sauce,chilli sauce,tomato sauce & spring onions.Cook this for 5 mins.Add salt to taste.

3.As given in vegetable spring roll,make a dough with maida / all purpose flour.

4.Make very thin rotis,grease with little drops of oil.Keep the stuffing in the center,roll it gently without tearing the dough(roti).

5.Wet the end(border) of roti lightly with water to paste & cover the stuffing.

6.Deep fry this till golden brown.

7.Serve hot (topped with cilantro and some spring onion) with tomato sauce& chilli sauce.

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  1. hi,

    regarding badam cake, you have to cook the paste till it stops sticking to the pan. if yours was like halwa, cook it for 5 more minutes and it will not stick to the bottom of the pan.