Friday, August 3, 2012

Spongy Vanila Cake

This is my first baking experience!!I was so proud of the outcome ;) the cake was so fluffy and soft,tat my hubby and lil one njoyed it a lot!!!"i could n't believe this is ur first attempt on cake" tis is one of my friend's comment after tasting the cake.All these encouragements made me so happy and i hope u guys love it too :)

Ingredients :

For 5 or 6 inch pan(rectangle/round)

1.Maida/All purpose flour..............100 gms

2.Sugar............100 gms

3.Butter(unsalted).............100 gms

4.Vanila essence......1 tsp(2.5 ml)

5.Baking Powder..........2 tsp(5 ml)


7.Milk.....2 tbsps


1.Sieve maida and baking powder 3 times so tat they mix well together.

2.Powder all sugar in a mixer.Later beat powdered sugar and butter nicely.Then add egg to it and beat well for a minute.

Note:Don't beat the cake mix for long time,because it will break on top while baking.

3.Then add in the maida mixture&milk and mix well slowly,then finally the vanila essence.

4.Grease the baking tray with oil/butter pour in the batter.In the mean-time pre-heat the oven for 10 minutes with 180 deg Celsius.

5.Turn the knob to bake mode,temp-180 deg celcius and timer- 25 to 30 minutes.

6.Once it is done,insert a knife or fork,if it comes out clean then the cake is done.

7.Let it cool down completely and serve :)