Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kerala Aapam

Kerala Aapam is one of the famous dishes in kerala.This goes well with sweetend Coconut milk or coconut chutney.


1.Idli rice.....1 cup
2.Urad dhal.....1/4 cup
3.Boiled rice.....1 cup
4.Fenugreek seeds.....3/4 spoon
5.Salt to taste

Coconut milk ingredients:

1.Grated Coconut.....1 cup
2.Cardomon powder.....1/4 spoon
3.Sugar..........5-8 spoons(its up to u)


To do Aapam:

1.Soak idli rice,urad dhal,fenugreek seeds together or separately for 4 hours.

2.Grind it in mixer to a dosa batter consistency.Now add salt,and leave this for one whole night to ferment.

3.Next day the batter will be ready.Take 2 medium scoops of batter and do aapam.

a.Pour 2 big spoons of batter,hold kadai with two hands,round it,so that the batter spreads over the aapa kadai in a circular form.

Note:If the aapa kadai is not made of non-stick,then grease it with oil before u start.

4.Then close it with a lid,always do this in low flame.

5.Once it starts turning golden,take out the aapam from kadai(this should not get brown).Serve hot.

To do coconut milk:

1.Grind the grated coconut with little water in a mixer.

2.Now filter out the coconut milk using a tea filter.

3.Add water if the milk is so thick.

4.Add sugar and cardamon powder,mix it well.

5.Now the coconut milk is ready to serve.

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