Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sweet Aval

Yet another aval recipe...Simple recipe,requires no gas,easy to make and a perfect evening snack ;)


1.Aval(beaten rice-thick)......1 cup

2.Grated jaggery.............1/2 cup

3.Grated coconut............1/2 cup


1.Wash the aval nicely,until all the impurities leaves.Soak tis with 1/4 cup of water for 1/2 hr.(I used red aval here)...

2.After soaking it will turn to be soft and chewy.Now add in grated coconut and jaggery.Mix well until all the ingredients bind nicely.Allow tis to set for 10 more minutes and serve.

Aval Vellam Thengai Payasam

Another Aval recipe - AVAL THENGAI PAYASAM.


1.Aval.......1/2 cup

2.Grated coconut......1/4 cup

3.Jaggery/vellam........ 1/4 cup +1 tbsp

4.Cardamon powder....1 tsp

5.Ghee.....1 tbsp

6.Dry grapes and cashews few for garnishing.

7.Milk...1/2 cup


1.Grind aval and coconut with water to a coarse paste.

2.Mix milk and 11/2 cup of water to the paste and bring it to boil.Keep stirring until the aval cooks completely.

3.Once the aval is done add jaggery,cardamon powder and ghee fried grapes n cashews.

4.Cook for 5 more minutes and switch off the flame.

5.Serve it hot or cold.

Jaggery is rich in iron.Coconut has good fat in it,heals ulcer problem.Beaten rice has good source of fibre.Overall its a very healthy and tasty recipe :)

Aval Upma


1.Aval(white/red-thick version)- 1 cup

2.Green chilies.......2

3.Chopped Curry leaves n coriander leaves to garnish

4.Oil........2 tsps

5.Mustard seeds(1/ tsp),channa dhal(1 tsp),few broken cashew nuts and urad dhal(1 tsp) for seasoning.

6.Turmeric powder & asefotida a pinch

7.Salt to taste.


1.Wash aval well and remove all impurities.Soak it with 1/4 of water for 1/2 hr.

2.Heat oil in a pan,splutter mustard and all dhals-fry till golden color.

3.Now add in chopped green chilies,turmeric powder and asefotida.

4.Finally add in soaked aval,salt and chopped curry and coriander leaves.

5.Mix well and close it with a lid.Stir often(say once in every 3 minutes).Cook tis way for 10 minutes and switch off the flame.Allow tis to rest for 5 minutes and then serve it hot.

This requires no side dish at all.Beaten rice(aval) has good fibre in it,red aval is healthier than the white one.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gulab Jamun

Happy new year friends...Its been a very long time since i blogged!!I'm gonna start tis year with everyone's all time favourite recipe 'GULAB JAMUN'.I guess everyone knws the procedure well,tis is from my side to all the beginners!!!Come lets start....



1.Gulab jamun mix-500 gms

2.Water-less than 100 gms

3.Oil to fry


1.Mix 1/4 portion of water to 1 portion of mix(gulad jamun powder).Mix well and allow it to rest.

Note:While mixing the flour,apply lil oil/ghee to the hands to avoid stickiness.

2.Make small balls out of it.

3.Heat oil in low flame,fry them till golden yellow.Drain excess oil and keep them aside.

4.Add the fried Jamuns into the hot sugar syrup.Wait till they are completely soaked.

5.Serve them hot or with any flavoured ice cream :)


1.500 gms pack needs 800gms of sugar and equal volume of water.

2.Cardamon powder......1 tsp


Mix water n sugar well,so tat sugar dissolve completely.Then heat it for 15 minutes.Add cardamon powder before switching off the flame.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bread Cup Pizza

This is my first "best" experience in baking,bcoz i got a big applause from my family n friends for tis recipe.And tis is always close to my heart ;)First of all i should thanks sharmispassions for sharing tis lovely-tasty recipe with us all..Here i introduce bread cup pizza,a super duper easy snack time recipe...I hav altered certain ingredients from the original recipe.


1.Whole wheat bread/milk bread/maida bread.......4

2.Grated cheese........4 tbsps

3.Chopped capsicum(i used green).......4 tbsps

4.Onion chopped......4 tbsps

5.Boiled corn kernels.......4 tbsps

6.Ketchup......1 tbsp(1/4 tbsp for each bread)(Original recipe calls for pizza sauce,i used ketchup as i cudn't find tat product in nearby super market)

7.Red chilli sauce/ black pepper... a pinch for hotness

8.Ghee/ butter to grease the bread

Bread cup pizzas are ready


1.Cut the edges of bread slices.Cut it to a circle shape(i used a cup to get the shape quickly).

2.Grease the both sides of bread with ghee/butter.

3.Now place the bread slices inside muffin cups and press them with a finger so tat they sit well and make place for the filling.

4.Now fill it with a tbsp of corn,onion,capsicum, ketchup and cheese.

5.Original recipe didnt use pepper/red chilli sauce,but here i used red chilli sauce.Use red chilli sauce/pepper powder not both,bcoz both may make the pizza more hot.

6.Pre-heat oven for 10 mins with 180 C.Now place the bread cups inside the oven and bake it for 10 to 12 mins at 180 C.

7.When the outer crust turns golden brown n they r done.

Note:I have OTG,hence it took 10 to 12 mins to bake,but microwave may take much less time to complete.So do accordingly.

Pav Baji

Hot Pav Bajis are my favourite snack time food,sometimes i prefer having it for breakfast too.I love the pav bun's softness and fluffiness so much.Having tat golden crispy-soft buns with spicy baji is a heavenly delicious experience...Lets do it in a quick simple way and have fun ;)


1.Pav buns.......4

2.Butter..... 1 tbsp

3.Boiled potatoes......1 cup

4.Chopped onions......1 cup

5.Chopped tomato.....1/2 cup

6.Ginger garlic paste.....1/2 tbsp

7.Turmeric powder.....a pinch

8.Boiled Green peas.......1/2 cup

9.Pav baji masala powder.....1 tbsp

10.Red chilli powder/Green chillies.....according to the taste

11.Salt needed

12.Oil......2 tbsps to fry

13.Coriander leaves....for garnishing


1.Heat oil in a pan,add chopped onions,ginger garlic paste and tomato one after the other.Fry till they cook well.

2.Now add in boiled potatoes and green peas and mash well the potatoes.

3.Add turmeric powder,pav baji masala,red chilli powder and needed salt.Cook well for 10 minutes with 1/4 cup of water to make it a thick gravy.Now Baji is ready with coriander garnishing.

4.Slit the buns horizontally,grease butter on both the sides,roast them in a tava till golden.

5.Serve it super hot with masala tea...ohh tis sounds great isn't it?!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Spongy Vanila Cake

This is my first baking experience!!I was so proud of the outcome ;) the cake was so fluffy and soft,tat my hubby and lil one njoyed it a lot!!!"i could n't believe this is ur first attempt on cake" tis is one of my friend's comment after tasting the cake.All these encouragements made me so happy and i hope u guys love it too :)

Ingredients :

For 5 or 6 inch pan(rectangle/round)

1.Maida/All purpose flour..............100 gms

2.Sugar............100 gms

3.Butter(unsalted).............100 gms

4.Vanila essence......1 tsp(2.5 ml)

5.Baking Powder..........2 tsp(5 ml)


7.Milk.....2 tbsps


1.Sieve maida and baking powder 3 times so tat they mix well together.

2.Powder all sugar in a mixer.Later beat powdered sugar and butter nicely.Then add egg to it and beat well for a minute.

Note:Don't beat the cake mix for long time,because it will break on top while baking.

3.Then add in the maida mixture&milk and mix well slowly,then finally the vanila essence.

4.Grease the baking tray with oil/butter pour in the batter.In the mean-time pre-heat the oven for 10 minutes with 180 deg Celsius.

5.Turn the knob to bake mode,temp-180 deg celcius and timer- 25 to 30 minutes.

6.Once it is done,insert a knife or fork,if it comes out clean then the cake is done.

7.Let it cool down completely and serve :)