Friday, August 3, 2012

Spongy Vanila Cake

This is my first baking experience!!I was so proud of the outcome ;) the cake was so fluffy and soft,tat my hubby and lil one njoyed it a lot!!!"i could n't believe this is ur first attempt on cake" tis is one of my friend's comment after tasting the cake.All these encouragements made me so happy and i hope u guys love it too :)

Ingredients :

For 5 or 6 inch pan(rectangle/round)

1.Maida/All purpose flour..............100 gms

2.Sugar............100 gms

3.Butter(unsalted).............100 gms

4.Vanila essence......1 tsp(2.5 ml)

5.Baking Powder..........2 tsp(5 ml)


7.Milk.....2 tbsps


1.Sieve maida and baking powder 3 times so tat they mix well together.

2.Powder all sugar in a mixer.Later beat powdered sugar and butter nicely.Then add egg to it and beat well for a minute.

Note:Don't beat the cake mix for long time,because it will break on top while baking.

3.Then add in the maida mixture&milk and mix well slowly,then finally the vanila essence.

4.Grease the baking tray with oil/butter pour in the batter.In the mean-time pre-heat the oven for 10 minutes with 180 deg Celsius.

5.Turn the knob to bake mode,temp-180 deg celcius and timer- 25 to 30 minutes.

6.Once it is done,insert a knife or fork,if it comes out clean then the cake is done.

7.Let it cool down completely and serve :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Here comes another andhra special recipe 'Pesarattu".Traditional Ginger chutney is the perfect combo for this.But i somehow don't like adding jaggery to chutney items.So i did hot ginger-coconut chutney as the side-dish.


1.Moong dhal/Whole Green gram.........1 cup

2.Rice......2 tbsp

3.Cumin............1 tsp

4.Red chillies........3 to 5

5.Salt to taste

6.Corainder leaves....a few


1.Soak Moong dhal for 4 hours (if it is green gram,soak it for 8 hours).Wash it and grind it along with rice,cumin,red chillies and salt to a paste with adequate water.

2.Add chopped coriander leaves to the batter.

3.Heat a kadai,grease with oil and water,spread the batter like dosa,apply oil on both the sides.Toast it well on both sides and serve hot with chutney or simply with jaggery powder.

Note:Here i've used moong dhal,but whole green gram is the best choice as it has more fiber-good for health,try sprouted ones!

Adding chopped onion and grated carrot will add special taste and flavour to the recipe :)

Sarkarai Pongal

Sarakari Pongal is usually prepared during pongal festival.As pongal tops the prasadha list,i always do it during pooja times,say it like Varamaha Lakshmi Pooja,Mangala gowri vratha,new year(telugu/kannada&tamil new years).I have a mind set that Sarkari pongal and dhal vada(neivathyam) completes any pooja very much than anything else!!This year i prepared it for varama lakshmi pooja and i followed my mom's way i mean the quick/easy way :) Come lets do it now....


1.Rice(Pacharisi)............1 cup

2.Moon dhal .............1/4 cup

3.Grated coconut......3  tbsps

4.Cardamom powder.....1 tsp

5.Nutmeg powder......1 tsp


7.Jaggery......1 1/2 cup

8.Milk.........2 cups

9.Fried cashews and Grapes

10.Ghee....5 tbsps


1.Fry cashews and grapes with tsp of ghee.keep it aside.Later fry cloves and powder them.

2.Cook rice and dhal together with 3 1/4  cups of water in a pressure cooker.

3.In the mean time,soak jaggery (powdered) in water and filter it(with a tea filter).Heat the jaggery water in a thick bottomed kadai till the raw smell leaves and keep it aside.

4.Take a big vessel with thick bottom,add the cooked rice & dhal and mash it(dont make it a paste).Now add milk and heat it,after 5 mins add the jaggery syrup and keep on stirring.

5.Add a tsp of ghee whenever required.When it is done(after 10 mins) add cardamom powder,nutmeg powder,clove powder and fried nuts n grapes.Mix well until they binds well with the pongal.

6.A nice aroma of jaggery and spices with rice will rise so soon,where u should switch off the flame at the right time to avoid blackening at the bottom.

7.Serve hot with atsp of ghee on top.

Roti Roll

A lovely,tasty,healthy breakfast is here.Hope u all like it!



2.Green Capsicum....1

3.Cabbage (shredded).....1 cup

4.Carrot(shredded)........1/2 cup

5.Cheese(shredded).......1/4 cup

6.Chilly Sauce..........1 tbsp

7.Tomato Sauce........2 tbsps

8.Salt and pepper to taste

9.Oil......2 tbsps

10.Onion(finely chopped)...1/4 cup


1.Heat oil in a kadai,add in all cut veggies,sprinkle little water and saute till they r half cooked.

2.Later add chilly sauce,salt,pepper,saute well and switch off the flame.

3.Take a roti,place a good volume of veggie stuff.Pour in little ketchup/tomato sauce,cheese and onion over it.

4.Roll it with a tissue beneath(just like the roti roll wallas do).

2 roll is more than enough for a healthy morning,a glass of fresh juice or hot milk makes it more complete.The stuffing is ur choice,u can stuff with potato masala,channa masala,masala noodles etc...Other stuffed rolls r coming soon ;)

Paal Ada Pradhaman

Posting this as "avani avittam " special recipe!!!I made this with ready made paal ada(double horse brand)..the procedure is similar to semiya payasam,hence very easy to prepare :)Lets go straight to the ingredients...


Makes 2 bowls of payasam

1.Paal Ada..........4 tbsps

2.Coconut milk.......1 cup

3.Milk.......1/2 cup

4.Water......1 cup

5.Sugar.........3/4 cup

6.Ghee.....2 tsps

7.Cardamom powder.........1 tsp

8.Cashew nuts.........15 gms

9.Dry grapes.........10 gms


1.Fry cashew & grapes with a tsp of ghee till golden.Keep it aside.

2.In the same kadai fry paal ada with a tsp of ghee,till it changes color slightly.

3.Take a thick bottomed vessel,boil a cup of water,add fried paal ada and let it boil till soft.

4.Then add milk,coconut milk and sugar and bring it to a boil.

5.Add cardamom powder and fried cashew & grapes and switch off the flame.

6.Serve hot / cold.

French Fries

Yesterday i tried french fries in my oven!!I guess Grill mode works prefect for this.And also i feel this is the healthy way of doing french fries as it consumes only few drops of oil.It has become my family's fav snack :)

Ingredients :


2.Red chilli powder and salt a little

3.Oil....1/2 tbsp

4.Ketchup or cheese dip


1.Cut the potatoes length-wise and half boil it.

2.Take the cookie tray (got with the oven),grease with oil,spread the half-boiled potatoes and drizzle some red chilli powder and salt evenly on it.

3.Again drizzle few more drops of oil on top of potato.In the mean time pre-heat the oven for 10 mins with 180 deg C.

4.Toast the potatoes in grill mode for 15 minutes with temp 180deg C.

5.Serve it hot with ketchup or cheese dip ;)

Note:I use electric oven not a microwave so take care of the temp and timer if u use a microwave.I heard tat microwave cooks food faster than an oven.