Thursday, October 28, 2010


Pongal is One of my favorite breakfast items.Very easy to make,need no special side dish,can be had even with a spoon of sugar...A healthy,filling food here u go....


1.Rice....1 cup
2.Moong dhal....1/2 cup
3.Ghee.... 25 gms
4.Pepper corn.... 8 - 12
5.Cumin seeds.... 1 spoon
6.Salt to taste
7.Coriander leaves(chopped)... 3 spoons
8.Water.... 3 1/2 cups
9.cashew nut.... 10 gms
10.chopped ginger... 1 spoon


1.Roast moong dhal for 2 minutes and soak it for 15 minutes.(Soaking is optional.If u don hav time,no need for roasting too.)

2.Now cook rice and moong dhal together in a cooker with 3 1/2 cups of water.

3.In the mean time,fry grounded pepper corn & cumin seeds,chopped ginger,coriander leaves and cashew together with 3 spoons of ghee.
(Note: pepper corn and cumin seeds should be in splitted state... "dont make it a fine powder".)

4.Once the rice is done,add the fried items(pepper,cumin etc) and needed salt to this.

5.Stir this nicely,so that all the spices mixes well with the rice.

6.Now the pongal is ready.Add 2-3 spoons of melted ghee while serving.Enjoy with chutney and sambar.

Note:Usually people used to say that pongal is a heavy food for tiffin.I don add vanaspathi as it has more cholestrol.Also add ghee when u serve.It consumes more ghee if u add while cooking.

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