Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stuffed Kulcha

I felt a lil bored of usual chapathi and roti and wanted to try a new version of  it.Got this one from my aunty,and gave it a try last week.It came out well,but i felt something was missing with the taste.So here i've added a few more ingredients to match my taste.Hope u guys love it and do post ur comments n queries.Well,this time i've tried step wise snaps,guess it wud help U :-)

Ingredients For Making Kulcha dough :

1.Plain flour / Maida..........2 cups

2.Salt.........1/2 tbsp

3.Sugar.........1/2 tbsp

4.Baking powder...........1/2 tbsp

5.Dry Yeast.............1 tsp

6.Yogurt..........1 tbsp

7.Butter.........1 tbsp

8.Milk..............1/4 cup(optional)

9.Water needed for making smooth dough

10.Oil..........3 spoon full

A.Ingredients for Potato stuffing:

1.Boiled n mashed potato........1 cup

2.Red chilli powder......1/4 tbsp

3.Salt to  taste

4.Chopped Coriander leaves a few

5.Oil...1 tbsp


Heat a spoon of oil in a kadai.Add red chilli powder,mashed potato,salt and coriander one after the other.Saute it for 5 to 10 minutes.Ur stuffing is ready.

B.Paneer-Onion stuffing:

1.Shredded paneer.........1/2 cup

2.Very finely chopped onion......1/4 cup

3.Very finely chopped Green chillies......1/2 tbsp

4.Salt to taste

5.Chopped Coriander leaves a few

6.Oil.......1 tbsp


1.Heat oil in a pan,add chopped onion and green chillies.Saute it well until onion turns pink.Then add shredded paneer,salt and corainder.Keep stirring for 5 to 10 minutes,then ur stuffing is ready.

Procedure to make Kulcha:

1.Take a wide-deep bowl,add all dry ingredients-maida,baking powder,salt n sugar.Give a good mix,until all blend well.

2.In the mean time soak yeast in warm water for 8-10 mins.Usually a froth is formed on top of the water.

3.To the flour mixture add butter and oil,mix well with ur palm till the oil and butter spread evenly over the flour.

4.Make a well in the middle and pour in the yeast mix,milk,yougurt and needed water.Knead well to get a smooth dough.

5.Close this with a wet muslin cloth and allow this to set for 4 to 5 hours(Dough raises and become very soft like a sponge).

Note:Muslin cloth is the best choice here,bcoz it has got more airy holes helps the dough to breath easily."Use wet muslin cloth" always.

6.After 5 hours,knead it again.Take a ball of dough,shape it like a cup and stuff it.Close the stuffing without any gap.

7.Roll it like a roti,dust it with dry flour if needed.

8.Toast both the sides in hot pan.Need no oil.

Stuffed kulcha is a traditional punjabi dish goes well with all types of gravies.That day i made bendhi with coconut milk,it was a very good combination to have with.This is a tasty-filling dish,suits well for a special dinner.


  1. Wow,looks really wonderful,never thought we can make it at home so nice... Great jiob with step wise pics!

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