Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crispy Pakoda


Serving 2 persons

1.Besan flour.........1 cup

2.Rice flour..............1/4 cup

3.Onion (Thinly chopped).......1 cup

4.Green chilies(finely chopped).... 2

5.Coriander leaves(finely chopped)...... a little

6.Chopped ginger and garlic.....2 spoons

7.Red chilly powder..........1/2 spoon

8.Salt to taste.

9.Oil fry deep frying



1.Firstly,put besan flour,rice flour chopped onion,green chilly,coriander leaves,ginger garlic,salt & chili powder in a bowl,and mix well.

2.Since onion naturally has got some water in it, the mixture binds together well,if need, u can sprinkle a spoon of water to it.

3.In the mean time heat oil in a deep frying pan.

4.Once the oil is heated,put the pakoda mixture (just like sprinkling) in oil.Fry till it turns golden yellow color.

5.Filter out the extra oil and place the fried pakodas on a tissue paper.

6.Serve hot or after it cools down.This does not need any side dish.

7.Easy to make,can be prepared in minutes.The best snack for evenings with hot tea :)

8.If u want pakodas to be soft-soft,then add little more water to the mix,the batter should be like little pasty.This will make the pakodas soft enough.

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  1. pls post the picture of batter also next time for starters like me...
    can finish the whole plate in a jiffy...