Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Masala Corn

Spicy corn is a snack item,can be had in the evenings/mornings with breakfast.This tastes similar to the one u get as" american sweet corn " in stalls outside malls,streets...

Serving 2 persons.

1.Sweet corn kernels(frozen)-200 gms
2.Salt to taste
3.Red chilli powder - 1/2 tea spoon
4.Chat masala-1/4 tea spoons
5.Lime juice-1/2 tea spoon(optional)
6.Best choice is butter-2 spoon (if u dont hav in hand use ghee)


1.Boil the corn kernels separately.

2.Place a pan on flame,add butter/ghee,red chilli powder,chat masala to this.

3.Add boiled corn kernels to the pan before the masala powders blacken.

4.Add lime juice & salt.

5.Serve Hot-Hot.

6.This is a quick snack that even a school kid can do in minutes.Njoy this healthy dish!!

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