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Puliyogare is a traditional south indian recipe,and in most of the perumal temple in tamil nadu this tasty dish is the prior prasadha.I usually go to the sakrathazhvar temple(at kumbakonam-my home town) during "margazhi" maasam mornings.After the dharshan devotees will be offered with hot puliyogare with channa sundal,sometimes with sakkara pongal and curd rice.. but puliyogare is my all time fav,always makes me ask for some more.

This was one of my favourite lunch box item during my school days.Tastes heaven with Urad Papad.My aunty is a gr8 expert in doing this.This recipe(measures) was given by her.Hope u all like this.Come,lets do it now.

Serving 4 persons.

1.Tamarind paste - 4 spoons(medium sized) / tamarind-1 big lemon size(soak in 350 ml of water for 1/2 hr,then squeeze it to get a thick tamarind (paste)water)
2.Dry red chilly-18-20 no
3.Channa dhal(splitted)-5 spoon full
4.Sesame seed-2 spoons
5.Fenugreek-1 spoon
6.Gingelley oil- 40-50 ml
7.Coriander seeds-2 spoons.
8.Jaggery-2 smal peices(20 gms)
9.salt to taste.
10.cahsew nuts-8-10
12.curry leaves-2 strands.
13.Mustard seeds-1 spoon
14.Ground nuts-50 gms
15.Turmeric powder-1/2 spoon.
16.Asefotidea powder-1/2 spoon.
17.Urad dhal-1 spoon

Step 1: (Puliyogare powder)

1.Take 12 dry chillies(out of 18),splitted channa dhal,sesame seeds,fenugreek&coriander seeds.

2.Fry the above(step1-1) said things with little oil in a kadai.Fry chillies separately to avoid blackening.

3.Then grind all together in mixer and make it a fine powder.Keep it aside.

Step 2: procedure:

1.Place a kadai in low flame.Add 2 spoons of gingelly oil,after it is heated,add mustard seeds,allow it to splutter.

2.Add splitted channa dhal,urad dhal,ground nuts&cashew nuts fry till golden brown.Now add the remining dry chiilies and curry leaves.

3.Then add tamarind paste(dissolved in water) / tamarind water into kadai,also add turmeric powder,salt and asefotidea to this.

4.Make the flame high,allow the tamarind mixture to boil for 10-15 minutes,till the raw smell leaves.

5.After 15 mins, add the grounded spicy puliyogare powder to the boiling tamarind mixture.Again leave this in medium flame for 8-10 mins.

6.Now add 2 spoons of jaggery to the mixture.Now you can add little curry leaves & asafotidea for a nice aroma.

7.Ok It is almost done now.Atlast add the remaining gingelley oil and stir it continously till it turns to a thick paste.Turn off the flame now.

8.U can store this paste in refrigerator for 7-10 days.

9.Mix this paste with hot boiled rice( if needed can add ghee/gingelley oil).And now serve this Yummy Hot Puliyoagare with urad papad.

10.This paste can also be used as a side dish for creamy curd rice.

11.Enjoy ur day.Thanx.

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