Saturday, November 20, 2010

Carrot - Apple Shake

Carrot - apple shake is my new invention and i've done it in my own style n taste.As always my husband was my testing machine that day :-)...but he said that it tasted too good.So today,i'm posting it for u all.

Recipe ingredients:

Serving 2 persons

Half boiled carrots - 2

Apple - 1/2

Badam-3 or 5 nos

Sugar/honey  for taste

Milk - 3/4 cup


1.Half boil the medium sized carrrots(pressure cooking is the best choice to save the vits n minerals).

2.Mash it in blender.

3.Grate apple n badam.Add the mashed carrot,grated apple n badam in a container.

4.Add sugar n milk.Mix well.

5.Serve it chilled.This will look like a smoothy with less milk,so if u like,have it in a cup "with a big scoop of ice cream" on top.Ohh it wud taste yummy....

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