Monday, February 20, 2012

Pudhina Aloo Paneer Sizzler Biryani

Tasted this awesome Biryani in Jarokha restaurant Bangalore.I should say,i was flattered by its taste.Its a less spicy but hot biryani also has a touch of pulao.It was a new experience for me when we were served food in a different way(biryani on hot metal tray which is placed on a wooden tray!!!)!!!

What is Sizzler Biryani??When i googled i got these information,Once the biryani is done to correct tenderness, it is immediately transferred on to a hot metal plate, kept ready on wooden tray. The food singes further on contact, makes a spluttering or hissing noise while being served to the guests.

When i tried it at home(omitting the sizzler part),the taste was almost the same,so posting it here for u all and for my future reference ;-)


1.Paneer(cubed)..........1/2 cup

2.Corn kernels...........1/2 cup

3.Aloo(cubed)..........1/4 cup

4.Mint leaves/pudhina............2 cups

5.Basmati rice............1cup

6.Ginger-garlic paste.......1tbsp

7.Green chilies....5(slit)


9.Oil......................4 tbsps


11.Coconut milk.....1/4 cup(optional)

12.Garam masala.......1/4 tbsp

13.Shahi jeera..........1/2 tbsp

14.Biryani leaf & Star Anis.........2

15.Chopped Onion(big)........1/2 cup

16.Coriander leaves..........1/4 cup

17.Turmeric powder.......1 tsp

18.Red chilli powder......1/2 tsp

To Grind:

1.Cinnamon....1/2 inch



4.Black pepper.....4 or 5


1.Chop the mint and keep it aside.Fry paneer cubes in oil/ghee till golden and put them in warm water.(this warm water make them soft n not chewy)

2.Dry fry all the 'to grind' items and powder them in mixer.keep it aside.

3.Grind mint leaves n coriander leaves to a paste.

4.Heat oil n ghee in a kadai,splutter shahi jeera and biryani leaf,then comes in the onion,fry till it turns pink.

4.Now add ginger garlic paste,turmeric powder,red chilli powder,green chillies and salt.Fry till the raw smell leaves.Now add the pudhina/mint paste,then the grounded powder,the garam masala,the veggies except paneer.Fry well for 5 to 10 minutes.

5.Grease the electric cooker/normal cooker.Wash basmati rice and add right measure of water.

6.Put the Masala fried veggies and rice one after the other in the greased cooker.Now add a spoon full of ghee,top it with handful of freshly chopped pudhina.Close it.Wait till it is done.Once it is cooked,add the fried paneer ,mix it well.
Serve hot with any rich gravy or simply with cucumber raita :)

Note: if u do it in normal cooker the measure is rice-1 cup water-2 1/4 cups
for electric cooker rice-1cup water 2 1/2cups.
If u use coconut milk adjust the water measure with that.

 Yes,this is a little time consuming recipe,but if the masala powder and chopping veggies are done,then this cud be done within 20 minutes(i forgot to add turmeric powder and resulted with this color).I served this with masala potato fry.Try tis out and leave ur comments!!!


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