Thursday, November 11, 2010

Easy Carrot rice

This quick recipe could be made in minutes,and here u go....


Serving 2 persons

1.Long carrots-2
2.Big onion-1
3.Green chillies-3 no
4.garlic pieces-8 cloves
5.cilantro-finely chopped for topping
6.channa dhal- 2 spoons
7.cashew nut-8-10 nos
8.Boiled rice-2 cups full
9.Salt- to taste
9.Oil(sun flower oil)-3 medium spoons full.
10.ghee-2 spoons
11.Mustard-1 spoon


1.Grate the carrots finely in grator.Chop the onions finely.Also chop garlic,cilantro.Cut green chillies into two halves(length wise).

2.Make all the ingredients ready.Keep them aside.

3.Place a kadai on stove.In low flame,add oil to it.Once the oil is heated add mustard seeds and let them splutter fully.Add channa dhal&cashew nuts to it and fry it till golden brown.

4.Now add garlic,fry nicely till the color changes.Then add finely chopped onion to this mixture.Fry it gently till the color turns to light pink.(here onion should not be fried deeply,this should be in a boiled state).so to avoid browning,add little salt to the onion.As the salt leaves water in heat,the onion wont get crisped/brown.

5.Once the onion is done,add grated carrot.Mix it well and close the kadai with a lid for only 2 minutes(Make sure it doesn't get blackend in the bottom).Again mix it well,now carrot changes its color from dark orange to light orange(boiled color).

6.once all done,add ghee to this mixture and needed salt to taste.Switch off the flame.Now add boiled rice and chopped cilantro to this mixture and mix well.

7.Serve after 5 minutes.This hot-hot yummy carrot rice can be served with cucumber raita/potato chips/papad/also with any pickle.

8.So enjoy this mouth watering,easy to make recipe.Thanx.

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