Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sarkarai Pongal

Sarakari Pongal is usually prepared during pongal festival.As pongal tops the prasadha list,i always do it during pooja times,say it like Varamaha Lakshmi Pooja,Mangala gowri vratha,new year(telugu/kannada&tamil new years).I have a mind set that Sarkari pongal and dhal vada(neivathyam) completes any pooja very much than anything else!!This year i prepared it for varama lakshmi pooja and i followed my mom's way i mean the quick/easy way :) Come lets do it now....


1.Rice(Pacharisi)............1 cup

2.Moon dhal .............1/4 cup

3.Grated coconut......3  tbsps

4.Cardamom powder.....1 tsp

5.Nutmeg powder......1 tsp


7.Jaggery......1 1/2 cup

8.Milk.........2 cups

9.Fried cashews and Grapes

10.Ghee....5 tbsps


1.Fry cashews and grapes with tsp of ghee.keep it aside.Later fry cloves and powder them.

2.Cook rice and dhal together with 3 1/4  cups of water in a pressure cooker.

3.In the mean time,soak jaggery (powdered) in water and filter it(with a tea filter).Heat the jaggery water in a thick bottomed kadai till the raw smell leaves and keep it aside.

4.Take a big vessel with thick bottom,add the cooked rice & dhal and mash it(dont make it a paste).Now add milk and heat it,after 5 mins add the jaggery syrup and keep on stirring.

5.Add a tsp of ghee whenever required.When it is done(after 10 mins) add cardamom powder,nutmeg powder,clove powder and fried nuts n grapes.Mix well until they binds well with the pongal.

6.A nice aroma of jaggery and spices with rice will rise so soon,where u should switch off the flame at the right time to avoid blackening at the bottom.

7.Serve hot with atsp of ghee on top.

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