Thursday, August 2, 2012

French Fries

Yesterday i tried french fries in my oven!!I guess Grill mode works prefect for this.And also i feel this is the healthy way of doing french fries as it consumes only few drops of oil.It has become my family's fav snack :)

Ingredients :


2.Red chilli powder and salt a little

3.Oil....1/2 tbsp

4.Ketchup or cheese dip


1.Cut the potatoes length-wise and half boil it.

2.Take the cookie tray (got with the oven),grease with oil,spread the half-boiled potatoes and drizzle some red chilli powder and salt evenly on it.

3.Again drizzle few more drops of oil on top of potato.In the mean time pre-heat the oven for 10 mins with 180 deg C.

4.Toast the potatoes in grill mode for 15 minutes with temp 180deg C.

5.Serve it hot with ketchup or cheese dip ;)

Note:I use electric oven not a microwave so take care of the temp and timer if u use a microwave.I heard tat microwave cooks food faster than an oven.

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