Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mochai Sundal/Whole bean fry


1.Soaked and drained bean(mochai payaru).......2 cups

2.Sunflower oil.....1tbsp

3.Chopped Green chilles.....1 tbsp / Red chilli powder...........1/2 tsp

4.Coriander leaves ...few

5.Mustard seeds...1/2 tsp

6.Salt to taste

7.Finely chopped onion.....3/4 cup


1.Soak the whole bean overnite.Pressure cook tis with 1 cup of water until soft.

2.Heat oil in a kadai,splutter mustard seeds,chilles,coriander leaves and onion.Saute till the onion turns transparent.

3.Add the boiled beans with water(dont drain the water),add salt and close it with a lid.Wait until all the water evaporates.

4.Then fry it for 2 more minutes till dry.

5.This can be had with sambar sadham or as an evening snack.

 Benefits of whole bean:
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • improve diabetics' blood glucose control
  • reduce risk of many cancers
  • lower blood pressure
  • regulate functions of the colon
  • prevent and cure constipation
  • prevent piles and other bowel problems

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