Monday, February 20, 2012

Home Remedies2 by Padma Prasad

Cut ginger in to small pieces and put it in a bottle of honey.After 2 days ginger will absorb all the honey.Daily eat two pieces, then say bye to many health problems.

Add dried and powdered thulsi leaves with tea leaves and prepare your cup of tea and see the wonders.Your appetite will get stimulated and free from allergies.

Suffering from dandruff, dont worry.soak 2 tspn of popy seeds(kus kus) in milk, grind it finely and apply and take bath after 1/2 an hr.repeat this for 3 days.Dandruff gone ..poyindi..poyepochu.

Always carry with you, your contact number or address, which will be of use at the time of emergencies.

Put dried corns in a paper bag and add some oil,salt and pepper to it , mix well and seal it and keep it in micro oven for 4 minutes and enjoy hot crispy masala popcorn.

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