Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Palm Fruit Delight

Posting today my favorite drink,Palm fruit delight!!!My husband bought some yummy palm fruits yesterday,and i tried tis lovely drink for the first time :-) lil one liked it very much,hope u wud like it too!!

(nearly 350 ml)

1.Palm fruit(Nongu).....4

2.Chilled Milk........1 cup

3.Condensed milk.....2 tbsp

4.Rose essence...2 drops(optional)

5.Chilled Water......1/2 cup

6.Ice cubes...2

7.Vanila Ice cream......1 scoop(optional)


1.Peel off the outer skin from the fruit.

2.Take a blender,bring in all the ingredients,blend well to a smooth milk consistency and serve it.

Note:If it is very thick or creamy add sufficient water or milk.
        Add sugar/honey to bring more sweetness.
       Instead of water u can use tender coconut as well,tis makes it more healthier.
        I added badam delight ice cream to make it rich,u can avoid it too.
       Condensed milk gives extra flavor,so i added tis instead of sugar :-)

I didnt add rose essence here,so resulted with tis color!!Hope u all like it :-) Celebrate tis summer with such yummy,healthy drinks!!Take care ;-)

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