Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Aadi maasam(aashada maasam) is here,so everyone is getting busy with poojas and vrathas.Posting here the most simple method of Maavilakku,which is one of the official deepa(prasadha) made during gowri poojas.The traditional one takes more time and patience,so i got this easy method from my mother and mother-in-law.Hope this will help all busy moms out there :)


1.Rice Flour(which is readily available in shops)........... 1 cup

2.Powdered Jaggery...........1/2 cup

3.Melted Ghee.............5 spoons

4.Milk.....2 to 5 spoons


1.Bring in all the ingredients except milk.Give a nice mix with hand.

2.Add milk and mix well again.Take a hand full of flour mixture,make a round shape.Put a hole in the middle then adjust the sides to make it look like a 'diya' (aghal vilakku) or simply a 'cup' :)

3.Ur maavilakku is ready.Use only ghee to lit the deepa.

This can be made within 15 minutes,if all the ingredients are ready.Lets celebrate our gowri pooja and varama lakshmi pooja with this authentic prasadha and may God bless all with good health n wealth !!!

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  1. Great, its a visual delight :)

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