Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pudhina Rice / Mint Rice 1

Hi all,its been a very long time since i blogged.Had a long vacation,and now have come with new energy and variety of dishes.

Pudhina rice,a simple yet quick-tasty dish needs very simple ingredients.Here comes the method..


1.Pudhina / Mint leaves.......2 cups

2.Cilantro........1 cup

3.Red chilli........3 or 4

4.Tamarind......a peanut size

5.Channa dhal........2 tbsp

6.Ground nuts..........25 gms

7.Cashew nuts.......a few.

8.Oil.....2 to4 tsp

9.Ghee.....2 tsp

10.salt to taste.

11.Mustard seeds.........1 tbsp

12.Cooked Rice.......2 to 3 cups


1.Firstly,heat 2 tsp of oil in kadai,add red chillies and tamarind,once they r done add the pudhina leaves and cilantro.Roast for 1 min then switch off the flame.

2.Grind the roasted pudhina mix without water.

3.Heat a kadai,splutter mustard seeds,channa dhal,ground nuts & cashews with oil & a tsp of ghee.Add the grounded paste.Stir it well for 2 mins and switch off the flame.

Note:As this is a simple version i avoided peas n other masala items.If u want it a bit rich,then add cinnamon stick-2,cardamom - 2,cloves-3 and a tsp of ginger-garlic paste while seasoning and boiled green peas after adding grounded paste.U also use green chillies instead of red one for strong flavor.Pudhina rice 2 is coming up soon ;-).

4.To this add cooked rice and salt.Mix well until all flavour binds together.

5.Serve it simply with papad or any raita.

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