Friday, December 3, 2010

Ashoka Halwa /Moong dhal Halwa

Ashoka halwa is one of my fav sweet,n i will proudly say that my mom is an expert in doing this.The measures & method are given by her(not me).So even a beginner can make it easily.I bet u that,the texture n taste will be great.Try it out once.

Successfully did halwa yesterday.Halwa came out very well and here i've posted the snaps!!


1.Moong dhal - 1 cup(say 150 gms)

2.Sugar - 2 cups(300 gms)

3.Ghee - 1 1/2 cups

4.Cardamon powder - 1 tsp

5.Fried cashew nuts - 15 - 20 nos

6.Food color - any(optional) dissolve 1/2 a pinch of color in water.

7.4 tbsps of wheat flour(roast the flour thoroughly till the color changes lightly).

Method / Procedure:

1.Firstly,fry the moong dhal dryly until it becomes light golden yellow.

2.Soak it for 15 mins.Steam cook this with 3 cups of water.Switch off the flame,once it is done.

3.Add all the sugar to the steam cooked dhal.Mix it fastly.Dhal mashes well n sugar dissolves immediately due to heat.

4.Now place a thick bottomed kadai on flame,add a spoon of ghee,pour in the dhal-sugar mixture and keep on stirring.If u want u can add any food color(water solved)after a while.

5.Keep on adding ghee,in a 5 mins interval.Always do it in a low flame.

6.Almost after 15 minutes,the mixture becomes non-sticky.At this stage add cardamon powder n fried cashew nuts.

7.U don hav to wait until the ghee separates out.The non-stickyness is the halwa's right consistency,the halwa has to come like a ball,when it is rolled between ur thumb n fore finger.So switch off the flame at the right time.

8.Transfer the halwa to a greased plate.

9.Have it hot / cold.

This is little time consuming,but the taste really worth it :-) !!!

This is a famous recipe/sweet of thanjavur district(tamil nadu).Also,this wont be ghee dripping,like the other halwas we purchase outside.Consume it with in 3 to 4 days.Can be stored in refrigerator.Enjoy this protein rich sweet n have a gr8 day!!


  1. Yummy dish :)Tempting to see your halwa.Happy following you.